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5725 Forward Avenue – Suite 401
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Phone: 412.214.0042
Fax: 412.385.2468

We are located in the white brick "Squirrel Hill Professional Building" on the top (4th) floor.

If you access the building from Pocusset street, please take elevator to the 4th floor, do not take stairs as the entrance door from stairs is locked.


  • Metered parking is available on Murray and Forward Avenues.

  • Most of Pocusset Street is residential parking without time limits but please be aware of parking restrictions for street cleaning on the last Monday and Tuesday of the month. 

  • There is a "Nexus Group" parking spot in the lot by the building you may use though please use caution when pulling in and out with traffic.

  • Please pay attention to posted parking signs and do not park in front  of the driveways of local residents or you may be towed.