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With Dr. Thorkelson’s guidance and support I feel like I’m on the “right” path to wellness … mind and body.
— Lisa M

Patient Portal Access

Current patients who have set up their Patient Portal account can access the portal to review billing statements, fill out forms and assessments prior to their appointments, check the status of upcoming appointments, as well as send secure messages to their provider. You can contact the office to request access to your patient portal by calling: 412-214-0042, Ext 1.

In order to continue treatment, a new treatment consent must be signed along with a credit card on file (CCOF) authorization. These secure forms require the name and email address of the person completing the form. Please click on the links below to complete the treatment consent and credit card on file forms. 

The release of information (ROI) facilitates coordination of care, obtaining records, collateral, and billing.


If we are out of network provider with your insurance carrier, you will pay the full fee at the time of service and The Nexus Group will give you a super-bill that you can submit to your insurance carrier for possible reimbursement. You can submit these super-bills directly to your insurance carrier, or use an app to coordinate submission for you.

One app that facilitates this process is Better (getbetter.co/app). With this app, you'll simply take the super bill provided by The Nexus Group, take a photo, upload to the app, and they will take care of the claim submission. Better charges 10% of the money you get back. Any claims applied to your deductible or not paid by your insurance are processed for free. We are providing this information as a courtesy but not as an endorsement or guarantee.