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Notice of Privacy Practices 

Effective: August 1, 2018 


The confidentiality of your personal, protected health information (PHI) is very important to us. Your health information includes records that we create and obtain when we provide you care, such as a record of your symptoms, examination and test results, diagnoses, treatment and referrals for further care. It also includes bills, insurance claims, or other payment information that we maintain related to your care as well as demographic information. 

 We are required by law to maintain the privacy of protected health information, to provide individuals with notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to protected health information, and to notify affected individuals following a breach of unsecured protected health information. This notice describes how we may use and disclose your medical information. It also describes your rights and our legal obligations with respect to your medical information. 



If you need further information or want to contact us for any reason regarding the handling of your personal health information or have questions regarding this notice, please direct your communications to: 

The Nexus Group, PC 

Attention: Privacy Officer  

5725 Forward Avenue, Suite 401  

Pittsburgh, PA 15217 


We reserve the right to change this notice and to make the revised or changed notice effective for health information we already have about you and for any future health information. We will post a copy of the revised notice in the places where we provide services. The notice will contain the effective date on the first page. If you ask us, we will provide a copy of the notice that is currently in effect each time you register at The Nexus Group, PC, for treatment or health care services. 


The law permits us to use and share your health information in certain ways. When we share this information with others outside of The Nexus Group, PC, we will share only what is reasonably necessary. This includes health information about you that is collected during the course of your treatment that may be kept in either paper or electronic form. Information such as your symptoms, test results, diagnoses, treatment, care plan, and demographic and payment information are examples of your health information that may be collected and stored in your health record. Information about care that you have received from other providers may also be included in your health record. Some examples are listed below, however not every possible example is listed. The law permits us to use or disclose your health information for the following purposes: 


1. Treatment:  

We may use or disclose your health information in order to provide your medical care. For example, we disclose medical information to our staff, trainees, volunteers and others within the medical practice who are involved in providing care. In addition, we may share your medical information with other physicians or other health care providers who are not part of the medical practice and who will provide services to you. We may also provide information to individuals that provide follow-up care to you. We may share this information with a pharmacist who needs it to dispense prescriptions to you or a laboratory that performs testing. 

2. Payment:  

We may use or disclose health information to obtain payment for the services we provide to you. Examples of payment​-related activities include making a determination of eligibility or coverage for insurance benefits, processing claims with your insurance company, reviewing services provided to you to determine medical necessity, or undertaking utilization review activities. If it becomes necessary to use collection processes due to lack of payment for services, we will only disclose the minimum amount of PHI necessary for purposes of collection.   

3. Healthcare Operations:  

We may use and disclose your health information as needed to operate this medical practice. For example, we may use and disclose this information to review and improve the quality of care we provide, or the competence and qualifications of our professional staff. We may disclose your health information to other physicians, nurses, physician's assistants, nurse practitioners, therapists, counselors, technicians, or health profession students for educational purposes. We may also use and disclose this information as necessary for medical reviews, legal services and audits including fraud and abuse detection and compliance programs, and business planning and management. We may also share your health information with third parties that perform administrative or other services for us including billing services provided we have a written contract with each of these third parties that contains terms requiring them to protect the confidentiality of your health information. 

4. Appointment Reminders and Confirmations:  

Unless you request otherwise, our staff will leave messages with appointment information, patient care issues, treatment choices including services we offer that may be of interest to you, and follow up care 

instructions at the contact numbers or email address that you provide. We may also contact you to discuss scheduled or cancelled appointments, registration/insurance updates, or billing or payment matters. For example, if you are ordered a test, the testing facility may contact you to remind you of your appointment. We may also provide attendance, place, and time information related to your appointment with third-party services providing transportation. 

5. Sign-in Sheet:  

We may use and disclose medical information about you by having you sign in when you arrive at our office. We may also call out your name when we are ready to see you. 

6. Research:  

For research that is approved by a Research Committee that meets certain legal standards or its designee when written permission is not required by federal or state law or with your written permission to do so. This also may include preparing for research or telling you about research studies in which you might be interested. It may also include sharing of de-identified health information with a business associate for the purposes of research. 

7. Marketing:  

We may discuss products, services, or treatment options with you in person or provide you with a related low-cost promotional gift; we may use your health information without your permission for these purposes. For example, you may be provided with medication or product samples. We will obtain your written permission before sharing or using your health information for other marketing activities and will not sell your information without your permission. 


We are required or permitted by law to share your protected health information without your authorization or consent in certain situations. The disclosure of this information may be further limited by state and federal laws particularly related to drug and alcohol treatment, mental health, HIV/AIDS, and possibly genetic testing.  

1. Notification and Communication with Family and People Involved in Your Care: 

We may disclose your health information to notify or assist in notifying a family member, your personal representative or another person responsible for your care. This may include information about your location, your general condition or, unless you had instructed us otherwise, in the event of your death. In the event of a disaster, we may disclose information to a relief organization so that they may coordinate these notification efforts. We may also disclose information to a person who is involved with your care or who helps pay for your care. 

2. Required by Law:  

As required by law, we will use and disclose your health information, but we will limit our use or disclosure to the relevant requirements of the law. For example, we may use or disclose health information when the law requires us to report abuse, neglect or domestic violence, respond to judicial or administrative proceedings, respond to law enforcement officials or report information about deceased patients.  

3. Public Health:  

We may, and are sometimes required by law to disclose your health information to public health authorities for public health activities such as: preventing or controlling disease, injury or disability; reporting child, elder or dependent adult abuse or neglect; and reporting to the Food and Drug Administration problems with products and reactions to medications. 

4. Health Oversight Activities:  

We may and are sometimes required by law to disclose your health information to health oversight agencies during the course of audits, investigations, inspections, licensure and other proceedings, subject to the limitations imposed by law. 

5. Judicial and Administrative Proceedings:  

We may and are sometimes required by law to disclose your health information in the course of an administrative or judicial proceeding to the extent expressly authorized by a court or administrative order. We may also disclose information about you in response to a subpoena, discovery request or other lawful process if reasonable efforts have been made to notify you of the request and you have not objected, or if your objections have been resolved by a court or administrative order. 

6. Law Enforcement:  

To the extent authorized or required by law, we may disclose your health information to a law enforcement official for purposes such as complying with a court order, warrant, or grand jury subpoena. If you are an inmate of a correctional institution or under the custody of law enforcement, we may release health information about you to the correctional institution as authorized or required by law. 

7. Public Safety and National Security:  

We may and are sometimes required by law to disclose your health information to appropriate persons in order to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to the health or safety of a reasonably foreseeable victim or victims and for other public safety purposes. Moreover, your health information may be released for protective services, national security, or intelligence related activities. 

8. Workers’ Compensation:  

We may release your information to comply with workers’ compensation laws. 

9. Change of Ownership:  

In the event that this medical practice is sold or merged with another organization, we will transfer your medical records to the new owner, although you will maintain the right to request that copies of your health information be transferred to another physician or medical group. 

10. Coroner, Funeral Director, Medical Examiner, and Organ Donation:  

We may disclose health and personal information of a deceased person to a funeral director, coroner, medical examiner, or organ procurement organization for certain purposes allowed by law. 


Other uses of medical information not covered by this notice will only be made with your written permission. Except as noted above, written permission is required when we share or use your health information with anyone outside of The Nexus Group, PC. Written permission is obtained by signing a form authorizing the use or disclosure of your health information. If you are under the age of 14 years of age, your parents or legal guardians must provide permission. If you are 14 years of age or older, you must give permission. This authorization may be revoked by you at any time except to the extent that we have already acted or relied upon it. 


1. Access: 

In general, you have a right to inspect and copy your protected health information. Your request must be made in writing and signed by you or your representative. To review or receive your information you may have to pay fees as permitted by law. We may deny your request under limited circumstances. You may request that the denial be reviewed. In such case, the review would be made by a licensed health professional not associated with the original denial at The Nexus Group, PC. We will comply with the outcome of that review. 

2. Accounting of Disclosure: 

You have the right to receive an accounting of certain disclosures made by The Nexus Group, PC of your personal health information except for disclosures made for payment, treatment, and healthcare operations or for certain other limited exceptions. Your request must be made in writing and signed by you or your representative. This accounting will only include those disclosures made in the six years prior to the date on which the accounting is requested. The first accounting in a 12-month period is without charge. You may be assessed a reasonable fee for each subsequent accounting request in a 12-month period. 

3. Restriction Requests: 

You have the right to request a restriction on certain uses and disclosures of your protected health information for payment, treatment, or healthcare operations. Your request must be made in writing and signed by you or your representative. We are not required to agree to your request for restrictions, however if we agree to do so, we will abide by our agreement except in an emergency. You have a right to request a restriction on certain disclosures of your health protected health information to your health plan. We are only required to honor such requests when you or someone on your behalf other than your health plan pay for your services or items in full. Your request must be made in writing and signed by you or your representative; it must identify the services to which the restriction will apply. 

Please note that The Nexus Group, PC is not required to inform any other providers of your request not to disclose your protected health information However, we will attempt to do so when feasible. 

4. Confidential Communication: 

You have the right to request that we contact you regarding your protected health information in a certain or alternative means or at a certain or alternative location that you believes affords you greater privacy. Your request must be specific, made in writing, and signed by you or your representative. All reasonable requests will be honored. 

5. Amendment/Correction: 

You have the right to request that the protected health information we have about you be corrected or amended. Your specific request must be made in writing and signed by you or your representative; you must also provide the reasons for the request. We are not obligated to make all corrections/amendments but will carefully consider each request. In the event that the correction/amendment is made, we may notify others who work with The Nexus Group, PC and have copies of the uncorrected/unamended record if we believe such notification is necessary. Even if your request is accepted, we may not delete any information previously documented in your medical record. 

6. Paper Copy: 

You have the right to ask for a paper copy of this Notice of Privacy Practices even if you have obtained one by other means, including email. 


1. Breach Notification: 

You will be notified in writing of a breach of your protected health information as required by law. 

2. Complaints: 

If you believe your privacy rights have been violated, you may file a complaint with the privacy officer at the contact information listed on the first page of this notice. 

You may also file a complaint in writing with the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C: 

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights, 200 Independence Ave. S.W. Washington, DC 20201 

You will not be penalized and your care will not be compromised in any way if you file a complaint with us or with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

3. Further Information: 

For further information, assistance, or questions please contact the privacy officer at the contact information on the first page of this notice.