TMS Patient Testimonials

We all know that 2020 has been a friend to no one. As someone who has suffered anxiety and depression most of my adult life, everything was exacerbated x 100 this year. I decided to finally address the problem when my depression symptoms weren’t responding to any of the medications or dose increases I was taking. To be perfectly honest, every day was a fight not to end it all. When I started TMS therapy I was absolutely certain it would not work. I went though the steps and did was I was supposed to do but in the back of my mind I definitely did not think that it would help me, because nothing had. I had a few mild headaches the first week but other than that, I’ve had no lingering symptoms from treatment itself. Today I can say that I have not felt this well mentally in years. I started sleeping better after a couple of weeks. Somewhere around the end of the third week, I noticed I had an increased interest in doing activities as simple as going to a store or spending times with friends whereas before TMS, I just wanted to lay in bed and not talk to anyone. I am thrilled with the results I’ve gotten from TMS. It was absolutely been life changing for me and without it I don’t think I would have ever made it out of 2020.

This will be a long review so please bare with me. Also understand that this is my experience and everyone's individual needs will differ from mine, so the care received can be different depending on the person.* Everyone at The Nexus Group deserves their own 5 star review. I've never felt more welcome or comfortable at any other psychiatry office during my 12 years of getting mental health treatment. I read through some of the negative reviews, and can say my experience has been vastly different. I've been seeing Dr. Rucki since January and have appreciated her warm approach. She has been nothing but kind and attentive during our sessions, making sure to get bloodwork to see if anything else could be affecting me (something that I've never had done at any other psychiatry office in the past), and she has recommend a solid therapist for me. Because of her I was also referred to Dr. Thorkelson to see if I met the requirements for TMS treatments. TMS was something I've never heard of before Dr. Rucki and I sincerely appreciate that she took the time to do more than push medications at me. During TMS I met with Dr. Thorkelson a few times and noticed he is more technical in his approach. Two different approaches from both doctors but both were pleasant to work with. Julietta was my TMS tech and she was wonderful (I also had Layla sub in as well and she is equally as lovely). I appreciated their kind care and letting me make each appointment my own, filling the room with as much or as little conversation as I could handle that day. TMS is an exhausting process - 6 weeks, 5 days a week; with 3 additional weeks of 3, 2, then 1 to taper off - but I can say that, on my last treatment day, I saw an improvement in my MDD. While I'm still adjusting and learning, I finally feel some relief that typical medication was unable to provide. Overall, everyone at Nexus Group is a gem and I'm incredibly grateful that I took a chance on this practice (I live pretty far so it was a risk that paid off for me). I highly recommend them to anyone that needs some high quality care.

Very professional and caring staff. They made the experience enjoyable. Loved the spa atmosphere and after-treatment massage chair too. The end result of the treatments was a positive outcome. I am definitely dealing much better with issues that would have caused anxiety in the past My level of depression improved a good bit. The treatments did not cause any discomfort. The only thing I noticed the first few weeks was a little fatigue afterwards and occasional headache. I saw more improvement after the TMS treatments than I ever had with medications.

I had really been struggling with depression and anxiety to the point where it impacted my every day life. Dr. Thorkelson worked with me tirelessly until we found a solution. We sorted through different medications until we landed on doing TMS. Initially I was nervous about this process, but Dr. Thorkelson and his staff walked me through the entirety of the treatment to the point where I trusted them completely. I went from being severely depressed and not hopefully about the treatment or my future, to being relieved of these symptoms and being optimistic of the future. Before this treatment I did not have the will to keep going forward. After completing the treatment, I have decided to go back to school and move to a new city with so much enthusiasm I did not have before. Without Dr. Thorkelson, his staff, and the TMS treatment, I do not think I would have made it through my depression. I will be forever grateful of them!


We offer comprehensive psychiatric services, including medication management and psychotherapy. Our providers are recognized for their compassionate and collaborative approach in treating the full spectrum of mental health conditions and disorders. We are committed to helping you to reach your optimal well-being with an individualized treatment plan and excellence.

Conditions We Treat

  • Anxiety
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) - children and adults
  • Autism / PDD / developmental disorders and related behavioral disturbances
  • Adjustment Disorder
  • Depression
  • Disruptive behavior / irritability
  • LBGTQAI+ Support
  • Medical and psychiatric comorbidities including with gut-brain involvement
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Panic
  • Phobias
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Sleep disturbances with psychiatric involvement

Services We Offer

a future free of depression.

Benefits Of TMS Therapy

Mild to No Side-effects

You can resume all your daily activities directly after TMS therapy.

Medication Free

TMS therapy does not require any medications, you can live pill free without any of the antidepressant side effects.

Quick Results

Many people report changes in mood starting as early as the first week of treatment.

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