Find the Silver Lining: Ways to Remain Positive this Weekend

Hannah Starcher, B.A.

The week has come to a close and we are left to spend yet another weekend sitting on the couch - Or are we? With the world locked up in isolation it can be easy to lose track of time. You may have recently lost some ambition or other activities that made you, you. Maybe you would be planning on going out dancing tonight with your friends, or walking to a local restaurant or karaoke night? Contrary to what you may believe, there are plenty of fun and safely social ways to have a great weekend during this pandemic.



In some instances, the virtual house party - or virtual dance party - exceeds that of it’s less socially distant counterpart. At your virtual party there are zero concerns about what to outfit you’re going to wear. Plus, you decide how loud the music goes, or how early or late to go to bed. Social media outlets - like Facebook and Instagram - offer live streaming options that allow you to connect with friends and family, as well as a variety of artists and musicians. Joining or hosting a live stream can be an awesome way to stay connected to the community around you. And, as an added bonus, no cleanup afterwards.

P.S. Please be mindful of your neighbors!



Journals are great for a variety of creative activities. Not everyone has watercolor paper lying around, but odds are that you have an old school notebook or journal somewhere just dying to be used again. Grab some old magazines, glue sticks, pens and markers and get to work! A journal can be used as a documentation for daily thoughts, like a diary. It can also be used for more stylistic forms of writing, such as poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. Play around and don’t be afraid to make errors - it’s human. If you’re someone that is more drawn to art, use your journal as a blank canvas for painting or coloring. Create your own images and color them in however you like. You can make a collage by cutting out images from magazines and newspapers and gluing them together on a journal page to make a whole new image.

If you want to have a really wild night - write a story, poem, or journal entry and create a piece of artwork to go with it. Then you’ll have your own personal gallery to gawk at.



Cooking is a great way to eat up time - no pun intended - if you have a sufficient amount of resources available for you to do so. If you need to make an extra trip to the store to buy that fancy Fontina for your mac and cheese, maybe just hold off. Instead, attempt to create new dishes with what you have around the house. You can make it even more challenging by using items that are nearer to their expiration dates, or that you commonly end up getting rid of. The same rules for cooking can apply to baking. You can also use this quarantine to attempt a longer recipe that you never previously had time for.

With some positive thinking, and a little bit of resourcefulness, weekends don’t have to be so boring. Have fun and take care of yourselves.

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